Wednesday, May 23, 2012

America Eats Its Young

Unfortunately, the title of this post is not just the name of a Funkadelic song (and album) from 1972.  It is also the best way to describe what is happening to the Millennial generation as we speak.  And it's not good. 

An excellent article by Stephen Marche (in Esquire of all places) really hits the nail on the head in describing what is happening.  Which is nothing short of intergenerational robbery. 

To the aging Baby Boomers who are currently voting and/or in power, listen up:  You have only a few short years left to rectify these wrongs before they become irreversible.  And you have the power to do so.  You may not like what has to be done, but it is FAR better than the alternative.  Even the most self-centered and self-interested among you should be able to see the writing on the wall.  Remember that the Millennials are the ones that will be paying for your retirement and ultimately deciding your fate as far as that goes.   And unless you want to end up in the gutter because we are too broke to pay for it all, you might just want to invest in us instead of hoarding or squandering your vast and unprecendented wealth.

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