Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Guns, Less Crime in 2009

Further proof that gun ownership tends to reduce crime rather than increase it is available in last year's crime statistics.  Many people were terrified that Obama would take away their guns, so when he was elected in 2008, they went on an immediate gun-buying spree.  The number of concealed-carry permits rose as well. 

Results?  There was a notable decrease in murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and property crime in 2009 despite the severe recession.  Usually, crime goes up during recessions.  Also, growth in the prison population has slowed to a trickle after more than three straight decades of skyrocketing.  While correlation alone cannot prove causality, it is now harder than ever to still cling to the outdated pseudoliberal notion that guns are inherently evil and cause more crime.

Fully upholding the right to bear arms, as guaranteed in the Second Amendment, is not some wingnut fringe idea, but rather part of the True Spirit of America.  It amazes me to no end that people who call themselves "liberals" would be against this kind of liberty.  For once that is taken away, all rights are up for grabs by the state.

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