Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Feral Reserve Keeps Printing Money

Bernanke, chairman of the Federal  Feral Reserve, declared the recession to be over (rotflmao) and yet he wants to keep the interest rate at 0% to 0.25%. In other words, continue to print a record amount of money. He wouldn't even raise the rate to 0.50%, which is still really low. If the Fed keeps rates too low for too long, like during the previous recession, we will just get a new bubble. What will it be next time?

Gold already broke $1000 recently, a signal that inflation is on its way. Deflation will no longer be an issue it seems.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There They Go Again!

The "teabaggers" are at it again. On 9/12/09, the day after the 8th anniversary of 9/11, a massive catch-all protest was held, by the same folks who held the April 15 Re-Tea Party (hence the nickname "teabaggers") and crashed the town-hall meetings. Protesting against healthcare reform, cap-and-trade, the stimulus, bailouts, and, of course, taxes. Despite the fact that taxes were actually cut! Most of the protesters were right-wingers, and they also tend not to be very young. They include the "birthers" (those who deny Obama is a natural-born citizen) and gun nuts who bought up all the guns ammo they could find as soon as Obama won the 2008 election. Need we say more?

Yes, the TSAP also feels that healthcare reform is being pursued the wrong way (we prefer single-payer for all Americans, funded by progressive taxes, with zero HMOs), bailouts were wasteful (no one is "too big to fail"), and the deficit (and the debt) is way too high. We are mortgaging the future so the Millennials and later generations are stuck holding the bag. Obama may not be ideal. The status quo sucks. But we also realize who got us into this mess. I'll give you a hint--it wasn't Obama.

Who started two wars of aggression with little thought of the consequences? Who slept through 9/11 only to use it as an excuse to gut the Constitution and start those wars? Who gave massive tax cuts for the rich in the middle of those expensive wars? Who (among others) raided the Social Security trust fund? Who refused to take any action on climate change and other ecological disasters? Who recklessly ignored our borders? Who allowed his Wall Street and corporate buddies to get away with some of the worst financial scandals in history, crippling the economy, only to bail them out afterward? And who printed and borrowed more money from China (and other countries) to pay for it all? You guessed it--Bush and Cheney. And, of course, the neocons and the super-rich. America got fleeced big time, and the crooks took the money and ran.

Hey teabaggers, when all this was happening, where were you?