Friday, March 24, 2017

Ruh Roh. Trumpcare/Ryancare Just Failed, BIGLY. Believe me.

Looks like Mr. "Art of the Deal" couldn't even negotiate his way out of a paper bag. That is, he couldn't get Obamacare repealed and replaced even with both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans.  Yes, really.

On March 24, 2017, exactly seven years after Obamacare passed in 2010, Trump gave Congressional Republicans an ultimatum.  Either vote on the Trumpcare bill today, or he will take his marbles and go home, and forget about repealing Obamacare at all for a while at least.  And it backfired, bigly.  Thing is, the last-minute changes made to the bill to appease the arch-conservative Republicans, which actually made it even WORSE, would have ended up alienating too many moderates, and thus they still didn't have enough votes to pass it.  Thus, to avoid further embarassment, Trump and the Republicans decided to kill the bill before it was brought to the floor for the vote, pulling the bill indefinitely while they focus on othet priorities.  And now both Trump and the Republicans have egg on their faces.  Bigly.  Believe me.

Meanwhile, the Russia scandal isn't going away anytime soon, nor are any of his other numerous scandals.  Even Wall Street is apparently getting impatient with him.  The honeymoon is officially over, and it really doesn't look good for him.  Sad.


  1. I also saw today that the vote on modifying the Affordable Care Act was abandoned. Trump said that the law was going to implode but the law can be fixed but he doesn't want to take the steps that would fix the bill. There was no public option in the House bill. The Republicans plans on modifying the bill are not really plans but are ideological plans. The Senate was not going to pass the House bill anyway. The only party who can improve the Affordable Care Act is the Democratic Party and one day I hope they can improve the law with the public option and other good ideas that they will come up with.

  2. Indeed. The Republican alternative was a solution in search of a problem, in fact it would have created new problems on top of existing ones. The only real solution is single-payer healthcare for all, and the public option is a good steppingstone towards that goal. Only true progressives can get that done.

  3. Only true progressives with courage can get it done. In 2009-2010, progressives tried to put in the public option in the Affordable Care Act but they didn't have the courage to keep the public option in the bill. Trump's attempt at modifying the ACA is rhetoric and not actual improvements to the ACA, which is why the attempted modification failed.

  4. Yep. But now we have an "Overton Window" of opportunity to push for single-payer Medicare for all.