Friday, July 8, 2011

The Clock is Still Ticking

The President and Congress still have not agreed on the issue of the debt ceiling.  As we have noted before, failure to raise the ceiling by August 2 will all but guarantee a default, which will be catastrophic.  And the Republicans know it, that's why they would never dream of doing such a thing during a Republican presidency--it's painfully obvious who the American people will blame if such a crisis ever did unfold, and it's not Congress that will take the heat.

To John Boehner and the Republicans:  STOP PLAYING CHICKEN WITH THE ECONOMY RIGHT NOW!  Why are you so afraid of you and your uber-rich buddies paying somewhat higher taxes that you would be willing to either a) risk default on the debt, which hurts all Americans, or b) dismantle the social safety net, which hurts the most vulnerable Americans?  And God forbid we stop waging pointless wars of aggression across the globe, of course.

To President Obama:  If the Republicans want to play hardball, do your Constitutional duty and ignore the ceiling for the time being in order to prevent a default.  They are throwing a tantrum at the very idea of having to pay their fair share of taxes--don't give into their demands.  You have already made more than enough concessions to them as it is, and when you give them an inch, they take a mile.  It's up to YOU to be the adult among the overgrown children we so foolishly elected in 2010.  Oh yeah, and by the way, END ALL OF THE WARS by December.  All of them.  That should save a fortune.

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