Thursday, February 14, 2013

The American Dream is Dead

It's time to face the brutal truth.  The so-called American Dream is dead.  Finished.  Defunct.  Kaput.  C'est fini.   Except for the top 1% of course.  And it has now turned into a nightmare for the rest of us.

Why do we say this?  Just look at the facts:
  • Unemployment remains persistently high despite over three years of "recovery", nearly double what it was in 2007.
  • Even as unemployment has begun to slowly ebb and people are returning to work, they are taking lower-wage and less secure jobs than before.
  • As a result, poverty has increased in recent years, especially among the working poor.
  • The middle class continues to shrink nearly every year. 
  • Meanwhile, the rich continue to get richer.  Corporate profits and the Dow Jones are at or close to record highs.  And the top 1% now owns over 40% of the nation's financial wealth.
  • In fact, a mere 400 individuals have more wealth than the bottom 50% of Americans combined.
  • Statistically, an individual is more likely to go from riches to rags than rags to riches.  Social mobility has mostly one direction now--DOWN.  
  • The problems of unemployment, poverty, inequality, and downward mobility are especially true for today's under-30 generation, as America continues to ruthlessly eat its young.
It does not have to be this way forever.  There are several things that will, over time, reverse these negative trends and restore at least some semblance of the American Dream.  Just take a look at our party platform for a list of such ideas.  But the entrenched special interests that control our government want these pernicious trends to continue, and they will not stop until there are only two classes:  master and serf.   That, at least for now, is the true state of our union.

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