Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hell AND High Water, Coming to A Coast Near You

It's worse than we thought.  Two new recent reports have found that the Antarctic ice sheet has already begun to melt due to climate change, locking in 4-12 feet of sea-level rise that cannot be readily reversed.  It is basically unstoppable. In other words, the nightmare scenario is looking increasingly likely to be the case.

So what can we do to mitigate the worsening climate crisis?  The most obvious thing is to end our addiction to fossil fuels yesterday, since that is the primary driving force for the problem we are facing.  President Obama's plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants is an important step in the right direction, but unfortunately it doesn't go far enough.  We need an actual carbon tax at the minimum, a la Carbonomics.  Indeed, the TSAP includes that in our Great American Phase-Out plan to phase-out fossil fuels completely by 2030 and transition to 100% clean energy.  Of course, we also need a complete paradigm shift away from our addiction to growth for the sake of growth, the ideology of the cancer cell.  Because all Ponzi schemes will collapse given enough time, and our Earth is far too precious to subject to such a scheme.

As we have said numerous times, we need to leave room for Nature, lest it not leave room for us.  We were warned decades ago, and we ignore the environment at our own peril.

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