Thursday, January 7, 2016

The TSAP is Feeling the BERN!

It's 2016, and Election Day will be right around the corner.  And the True Spirit of America Party will be unequivocally endorsing Bernie Sanders for President.  On essentially all of the issues, his platform is the one that closest to ours among all the candidates that have a chance this year. 

As much as we want a woman to be President yesterday, which is LONG overdue, the TSAP will not be endorsing Hillary since we believe that she is simply not progressive enough for us or for the nation.  Granted, she is FAR better than literally any Rethuglican candidate out there (puke!), and we would much rather have her instead of any of them, we still feel that Bernie is the better choice overall this time around.  And unfortunately Elizabeth Warren is not going to be running this year, nor is the woman who we feel would really be the ideal President, Marianne Williamson.  Bernie is the next best thing, and in fact Marianne herself is endorsing him as well.  So yes, we are FEELING THE BERN!!!


  1. If I can make a suggestion.

    You should check the Andy 2016! page on Facebook. Andrew Basiago is a Presidential candidate you probably have not heard of. He is running for President this year. Andrew Basiago is being truthful in what he says. Andrew Basiago is better than Bernie Sanders. I know that what Andrew Basiago has done in his childhood and young adult years is far out but it's true.

    As you know, I oppose a smoking age of 21. Elizabeth Warren is supporting the Tobacco to 21 Act, which is unfortunately promoting this oppressive policy idea. In my opinion, we should not be supporting Elizabeth Warren.

  2. With all due respect Edwin, Andrew Basiago doesn't really stand a chance at this point, I'm afraid. So yes, I am still feeling the Bern. I see no reason not to vote for him. And while there are a few things I disagree with Warren on (such as the 21 smoking age) as well, I would still vote for her based on the 99% of the issues I agree with her on. She is certainly better than Hillary.

  3. I am also a more than a bit skeptical about Andy's claims of time travel and related stuff.

  4. It turns out that Elizabeth Warren not only supports the Tobacco to 21 act, she is actually a co-sponsor. Only eight senators have the dubious honor of claiming to be co-sponsors of that. So while I would still vote for her instead of Hillary if it came down to it, I am no longer as enthusiastic about her anymore :(