Thursday, February 16, 2017

Welcome to Necrotizing Fascism

A recent article confirms what we have already known all long:  too much inequality is bad for the economy, and extreme inequality (like we currently have in the USA as well as globally) can eventually lead to economic collapse.  This occurs because of the "science of flow".  To wit, just like a living organism needs good circulation, so too does an economic system.  And when circulation gets cut off, that results in necrosis--the death of tissue that eventually overwhelms the whole system.  Inequality, and the hoarding at the top that causes it, indeed cuts off the circulation of money, and it is very telling that nearly every major economic crash or depression has been preceded by relatively extreme economic inequality.

We should also note that, as history has shown, such resulting economic crises tend to breed authoritarian political systems, most notably fascism, when such crises are not resolved within short order.  And austerity policies only worsen recessions and depressions, making fascism even more likely.  Look no further than Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the Golden Dawn party in Greece in the 2010s, and of course the Tea Party followed by Trump in the USA as well.  And the resulting fascism only makes inequality even worse in the long run, despite any initial short-term benefits that may occur.  And the vicious cycle continues.
Thus, when such necrosis breeds fascism, and that in turn breeds further inequality and necrosis, we have coined a new term for it.  We call it, "Necrotizing Fascism", named after the flesh-eating disease "necrotizing fasciitis".   And that is basically what we have now under the Trump regime.  Believe me.


  1. Nationalism is not always a bad thing. If nationalism is within respected parameters, then nationalism should be encouraged.

  2. As I like to say, nationalism is like nitroglycerine. It can either blow up bridges or heal hearts. It is a razor-sharp, double-edged sword,a force for good or evil depending on how it is used and how extreme it gets. Within respected parameters, it can indeed be a good thing. We've got to be careful not to mix too much nationalism with socialism, because we all know what that's called...

    1. The best type of nationalism is not chauvinistic or jingoistic. It is the type of nationalism that is concerned with improving one's own country. That type of nationalism is the type of nationalism embodied by the True Spirit of America Party.